Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often do I need to volunteer?
At Food Drop we want to help make volunteering as easy as possible, therefore there is no set requirement or contract you need to commit to. However, we ask volunteers to try to sign up 3 to 4 for Food Drops every month (but the more the better!). The more people who sign up to Food Drop, the more charities we can aid in receiving food!
Can I volunteer with a friend?
Of course, drops should be fun, why not sign-up with your friends or society and deliver food together. In the future, we hope to make it easier to sign-up together.
What if I can no longer attend a drop I have signed up for?
We understand unforeseen circumstances may arise where you may no longer be able to attend a drop you have signed up for; please do let us know as soon as possible. You can do this by clicking on the cancel drop link found on the pre-drop screen of the drop. The sooner you notify us, the sooner we can re-list the drop opportunity on the app for others to book. Charities are often reliant on the food we provide; therefore, we aim to ensure we can still deliver the surplus food.
Where can I find the drops, I have saved?
The food drops you have signed up for will be stored on your profile under the tab ‘Drops’. Swipe left for upcoming food drops, and right for previous food drops you have completed. When you want to start, click the mini map and the pre-drop screen will load.
What do I carry the food in?
We provide food carrier bags that you will find at the food retailer upon arrival. Please leave the food carriers at the charity after you have dropped the food off.
Food Drop's legal position
Food Drop is a limited company, and we are registered with Company House (company number: 10781956). We have a clear social purpose and aim to be beneficial for all. In the future as we grow and develop, we plan to channel a percentage of profits back to the charities we work with.
What should I say or do when I enter the food establishment and charity?
All our partnered food establishments and charities will be expecting volunteers at the allocated times. However, we recommend to always introduce yourself, and you may have to briefly remind staff as to why you are there, this can be done by showing your Food Drop profile found on the app. Please avoid smoking near any of our partnered organisation, and always be polite and friendly.
What if I need to contact someone during the Food Drop?
We recommend you email to as soon as you need to contact us, with your name, food drop number (e.g. #fd3201) and a contact number. We will aim to be in touch as soon as possible, however, if it is an emergency, please call emergency services first if necessary, or for other emergencies call us on the contact numbers listed below.
What shall I do if I am running late?
Please do let us know using the contact form found in the app. However, be aware that food retailers may not be able to stay open for longer. Letting us know as soon as possible will allow us to inform the assigned charity about your late coming or absence.
What tips do you have for travelling around the city?
Food Drop advises all our volunteers to take safety precautions when completing a drop. Top tips for travelling while completing a drop are:
·    As a group emphasise team responsibilities, safety sharing, etc.
·    Appoint someone to bring up the rear
·    Walk only as fast as the slowest person
·    Use mobile phones to contact emergency numbers
·    Be prepared (tell someone where you are going before hand)
·    Charge your mobile phone before completing a food drop
·    Follow the recommended travel route (avoid alleys and poorly lit roads)
·    Trust your instinct, if you don’t feel comfortable or safe either change routes or abandon the food drop & contact us immediately
Can I join Food Drop if I am an expectant mother?
Food Drop is for everyone. However, we advise volunteers to work within their capabilities. We ask expectant mothers to look for more administrative roles within Food Drop. We cannot confirm prior to the drop how much food will be transported, therefore it may not be safe for expectant mothers to carry particularly larger bags of food.
Can I join Food Drop if I am under 18?
We welcome everyone to join, however we ask those under the age of 18 to seek permission from their parent, carer or supervisor before signing up. Those under the age of 16 should be accompanied by someone over the age of 18.
How should I hold the food carrier?
We advise all our volunteers to adopt a stable position before lifting the food carrier, ensuring they have a good hold of the carrier, good posture, and keep the bag close to their waist. Try to avoid twisting or leaning sideways. We ask all volunteers to ensure they use the carry handles and never carry a bag they feel is too heavy for them.
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