Equality and diversity
At Food Drop we seek to uphold an Equal Opportunities policy. We wish to support all volunteers and ensure our
opportunities and practices are accessible to everyone. We aim to make sure that all volunteers can carry out their activities in an environment free from all forms of discrimination; we expect all those who use Food Drop to promote equality of opportunity. We also aim to treat voluntary organisation in a like manner, regardless of their size or client group(s). Food Drop recognises that as we work with different organisations, our awareness of their needs will increase and we are committed to developing our working practices and to maximise participation by those people whose access to services, information, and influence is limited for whatever reason
Health and Safety
The health, safety and well- being of all those who use Food Drop is of fundamental importance to us.

Volunteers must take full responsibility for their safety while completing a drop. We provide tips on how to carry Food Drop bags, and for walking through the city at night. We recommend before taking part in your first drop to have a read of our tips, which can be found on our blog on our website. Food Drop is committed to promoting good practices, and we expect that organisation  we work with follow best practices wherever practicable. Should an accident or emergency arise involving a volunteer while completing a drop, we ask the university to send us a copy of the incident report, including the follow-up action to be taken. We will review our risk assessment form after any incident.
Food Drop recognises that faith groups play a vital role inthe provision of voluntary and community sector services in Bath. While we value the diversity of opportunity such organisations offer and wish to support these groups, we aim to remain politically and religiously neutral always.
Confidentiality and data protection
Summary of our Privacy Policy:

We take your right to privacy very seriously, and would never share your information with anyone unless we are required to do so by law or need to improve the app. We collect basic information when you sign up, and store this securely. We may use this to improve or personalise our services, and you can request to access this information or ask to delete this at any time. We do not sell your information to anyone.
Complains procedure
If you have a complaint regarding Food Drop, we ask you contact us as soon as possible. You should be provided with an acknowledgement of the receipt of the complaint within 3 working days and a full response within ten working days. We aim to resolve all complaints, however, if resolution is not achieved, we will organise a meeting with those involved and aim to reach a satisfactory resolution. In some cases, if the matter has implications beyond Food Drop, the complaint may be referred to the third parties involved. If you have a complaint surrounding Food Drop, please email
Cookies policy
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